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MMA an advancement of the traditional martial arts has gained immense popularity for Self-Defense over the past decade. It is a regulated full body contact combat sport between two fighters that are highly trained in different forms of Martial Arts. However, you don't have to be a pro to use MMA for self defense.  MMA employs striking and grappling techniques from different martial arts perspective such as Jiu Jitsu, Thai boxing, karate, boxing and many others.


However, a million dollar question arises; does MMA make a formidable defense system? Analyzing street encounters of a few MMA fighters and the number of incidents coming across the news feed, one can give a resounding “yes” as an answer. Someone trained in MMA has the advantage over their oponents should they find themselves needing to defend themselves, in the street, ally or any where else you may run into agressors.

So what does make MMA such a lethal and effectual form of martial arts? Listed below are the top 10 reasons that will provide you an in-sight into the techniques and forms of MMA that reinforce your self defense mechanisms. Amateurs and professionals alike should tweak their training approach when it comes to self-defense.

1.    Realistic Techniques Training– During a street fight mostly the opponent is non-compliant and aggressive therefore is only focused on bringing about maximum damage to you only. This is where the MMA training gets handy and the exposure to a controlled environment trains you for real life scenarios. A combat athlete practices his or her kicks, blocks, punches, takedowns and grappling techniques in the ring and can easily exploit an overly aggressive opponent.

2.    Superior Strength and Training – As MMA is a full contact combat sport, competing and winning a fight requires you to be in top-notch shape. The stress factor against other competent fighters is intense during a fight and only fighters with superior levels of strength, speed and determination can endure this pressure. This trains those individual for real life situations where essential element to survive a violent encounter is being faster, stronger and outlasting your opponent.

3.    MMA fighters are mentally prepared – Fighting is a rough business and often it takes a physical and psychological toll on the people engaged in a fight, whether in ring or out on the street. Therefore, repeated exposure of an MMA fighter to these stressful situations prepares him to handle pressure more effectively. As MMA fighters train in a regulated environment, they are more experienced and have a distinct advantage over in-experienced people when dealing with real life, full contact violence.

4.    Guarding yourself when attacked – Before engaging in a fight, it’s highly likely that you are attacked and the first to fall. Therefore, it’s essential to know how to guard and restrict any damage to yourself. Techniques such as Arm Bar from closed guard position, Kimura from Jiu Jitsu art form and Guillotine are some highly effective techniques when executed properly by a MMA fighter. They tend to cause muscle, tendon and ligament damage and even dislocation of bones – truly lethal in self-defense.

5.    Giving you an upper hand over the aggressor – Watching a UFC fight, it’s highly likely to see a fighter grab his or her opponent’s leg and simply take him down. The MMA fighters practice this particular technique and when executed in a street fight, it can end you up in a better position than the aggressor. From this ending position, you can go for other BJJ techniques such as anaconda, peruviana and others.

6.    Self Defense Against Punches – Unlike boxing and kickboxing, in real life situations you don’t have any gloves to protect yourself against the punches. MMA fighters are therefore trained to evade being hit. Dodging the punches by leaning to the sides and back is effective when dealing with an aggressive opponent. This drains down his energy giving you substantial advantage over him, a punch to the jaw then can be fatal.

7.    Self Defense against Kicks – Self Defense kicks are crucial to keep the aggressor away from you. While hitting a high kick can be extremely effective but an oblique kick is equally useful. Practicing this technique in the gym and rehearsing it repeatedly would automatically enable you put up a decent street fight. Wearing shoes can increase the power of the strike substantially.

8.    Defending yourself against Knees and Elbows – An attacker wouldn’t really care about safety precautions and in close combat, a kick from the knee or elbow may tear the skin off the body producing heavy bleedings. MMA fighters are familiar with such life threatening situations and they can maneuver through them by stepping back or dodging.

9.    Techniques are safe to apply – Most techniques in other forms of martial arts are low intensity and can be injurious to your own self without the protective gear on. However, in MMA fighters are trained to deal with more real life situations and hence be more effective in a real violent encounter.

10.  Techniques applicable for a range of situations – Real attacks by an adversary are chaotic, sudden, and unexpected. Therefore, countering techniques that match a specific attack are likely to fail. MMA fighters are prone to such attacks and apply conditioned responses in such situations.

Mixed Martial Arts & Muay Thai Kickboxing are the most recommended and widely used martial arts technique for self-defense. It not only equips you with the knowledge and skill-set for defending yourself but also trains you as an individual against violent fights. However, it’s recommended that you perform these techniques in a controlled and regulated environment before stepping into the real world. OutFox MMA has been training complete beginners, intermediate students and even professional competitors.  We offer intro classes, intermediate classes and advanced classes.  Contact us today to find out how you can get started with your 30 Day Free Trial.

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  • 10 Dec 8 Reasons You Should Train Muay Thai

    Muay Thai is a martial art originating from Thailand, which has gained immense popularity over the decades. Being a professional Muay Thai fighter requires agility, endurance and speed as they use four limbs against their opponents. The fighters can use their fist, feet, elbow, and knees to strike making it ideal for self-defense. Incorporating Muay Thai in your fitness workout will help you with building your stamina and strength.
    Muay Thai helps you challenge your body and improve your fitness level. Whether you’re trying to shed some extra fat, tone down your muscles or trying to get ripped, Muay Thai can help you reach that goal. Following are the eight reasons why training Muay Thai is beneficial for your health, mind and soul alike.

    1. Improved Cardiovascular Conditioning- Muay Thai greatly focuses and stresses upon the cardiopulmonary systems, both aerobic and anaerobic. The techniques and skill-set required to become a pro in the sport will increase your cardiovascular conditioning tremendously. In addition, with practice and training, your body will get adapt to the intense demands of the sport and improve your cardiovascular health as a result.

    2. Enhanced Leg Strength – Muay Thai kickboxing, as the name suggests, greatly emphasizes upon the footwork and kicking. Learning to kick and focusing on the right muscles would strengthen the musculature of the lower body. Practicing the various kicks such as roundhouse kick and footwork drill benefit every muscle of the lower body. This not only provides muscle endurance and force production but rather you can have those good-looking calves you always dreamed about.

    3. Increased Core Strength – Core is often just termed as the six packs or abdominal muscles only however, it’s every muscle located in your trunk. Muay Thai uses rotational movements during offensive attacks, which strengthen the core. Not only this; even being punched in your abdomen will help you greatly. Clinching, Defensive movements and striking; all help the Muay Thai students in building their core muscles and increase their agility.

    4. Allow Hip Mobility – Hips play a crucial role in preventing one from numerous medical conditions later in their life. Stretching and foam rolling are effective ways to ensure perfect healthy hips. The kicking and kneeing movements in the Muay Thai are effective tools that increase hip mobility significantly. However, this particular health benefit isn’t an overnight thing but rather continuous practice and training is required of the practitioner.

    5. Makes you Emotionally Stable – Muay Thai serves as a stress reliever for majority of the people as the sport is fast paced and focusing on your worries would just get you knocked out. Everyone accumulates some form of stress during the day and Muay Thai provides an opportunity to relieve it in a controlled environment. It will make you focus on yourself and detach yourself of all the daily grinds ensuring you a happier and contented life.

    6. Provides Great Physique – Muay Thai is an explosive combat sport that requires determination and strength. With regular training, it can help you achieve a great physique by making your shape more proportionate. It will not only burn down the excessive fat and allow you to lose weight but will also help you get that “dream body” of yours. In addition, people who tend to practice Muay Thai regularly have glowing complexions as toxins are released due to intense training.

    7. Directly affects your mental health – Muay Thai is a combat sport that requires rigorous training and hence instills qualities such as determination, courage, and confidence in an individual. In addition, a practitioner of Muay Thai has to adhere to the trainer’s instructions, follow the timings, and be regular with the training session. This turns him into a more mature and disciplined person helping him in his life in the end.

    8. Think logically and intelligently – Muay Thai isn’t just an art form where you can throw random punches and kicks at your opponent hoping that he’ll knock out eventually. Sometimes this over-aggressive behavior can have adverse effects on the fight and you may lose or hurt yourself. Muay Thai requires the use of strategies, techniques, and tricks to hold the adversary and deceive them. This particularly molds the intelligence of the practitioner and makes him or her sharper and more agile.

    Muay Thai is an advanced combat sport, the word “advanced” seems daunting to many people. However, Muay Thai can benefit just about anyone as long as they don’t tend to over-do things. It’s recommended that you modify a drill to make it compatible with your fitness level. In addition, it’s advisable that you visit your doctor or a healthcare professional before beginning this physical endeavor. Necessary safety precautions should also be taken to get maximum benefits without injuring your own self.

  • 20 Jan Virginia Beach Self-Defense-MMA

    MMA an advancement of the traditional martial arts has gained immense popularity for Self-Defense over the past decade. It is a regulated full body contact combat sport between two fighters that are highly trained in different forms of Martial Arts. However, you don't have to be a pro to use MMA for self defense.  MMA employs striking and grappling techniques from different martial arts perspective such as Jiu Jitsu, Thai boxing, karate, boxing and many others.

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    Techniques of Muay Thai have been forged over centuries through warfare and fighters that had the ability to dismantle their opponents. An art is time-tested and can be highly effectual in situations requiring self-defense. The proper execution of these techniques was crucial, as it wasn’t a matter of winning or losing in ancient times but rather a means of survival in the battlefield.

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